Life is full of surprises like a wind blowing in different direction, there are different circumstances in life and the importance of storage facilities across town cannot be over emphasized. Some people has tendency to become hoarders, clutter on the other hand is simply different not having enough storage space at home could easily create clutter.


Behavioral psychologists say that clutter in our living environment is a form of procrastination. Having loads of STUFF around us gets in the way of accessing the very things we need and inhibits clear thinking. This translates into accomplishing less of what we need to get done. Plus, mess is never attractive. There’s a reason there are no reality shows based on “Hoarder Dating.”  Clear your world of detritus–embrace the clean lines that are unfettered by boxes, papers, shoes and bicycle pumps.  Free up the closet to stash the things you do need and use SMARTBOX Storage to safely house the items you want to hold on to, yet are preventing you from a leading a productive and healthy social life. Storage can be an extension to your home helping you to live in a clutter free environment

SMARTBOX Storage de-clutter service can be of significant help, Pack Wrapped and stored, either temporary to show case your home for sale or a long term storage option.

There is a huge range of cheap storage unit at prices within your range.  So hesitate no further! Clutter-free is Stress-free.


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What size do I need? Your guide to storage sizes

Before deciding the size of storage you need to sort out through your items first, any unwanted goods could have disposed or given to charity next step is finding the right storage size you can do this by carefully follow our guide. Storage unit comes in different sizes finding the right size for you is one of our priority

(For Guidance Only)

Storage Container Units

Storage Container Units

16 SQF – Small garden shed – About the size of BT Phone booth ideal for boxes suitcases, small items of furniture nothing too large

25 SQF – Medium garden shed – This size unit yields 25 square feet of space. Although these 5×5 units are small, they are an excellent size to store all of your extra items, like garden tools, seasonal items, office supplies, or your miscellaneous boxes

35 SQF – Large garden shed – Perfect for studio flat, for bed, chest of draws, sideboard, boxes, suitcases, TV

50 SQF – Half a garage – This size unit yields a total of 50 square feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. Are you looking to remodel a room or office? Now you can have the space to keep all of the contents during construction instead of clogging up other rooms!

75 SQF – Three quarters of garage – Suitable for a medium size 2- bedroom flat items such as beds, chest, sideboard, dining table, sofa, boxes, TV.

100 SQF – Single garage – Did you just buy a new house and need to move out of your small apartment, but the house is still being built? This 100 square foot unit should hold all your items! It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.

150 SQF – Garage and a half – With 150 square feet of space, this large unit can typically store the contents of 3 bedrooms. This space is also ideal for larger items like televisions, pianos, couches, or tables.

200 SQF – Double garage size – In-between homes and need to store all of your family’s belongings? This is the perfect space for you, capacitating roughly 5 bedrooms, and larger items like washers, dryers and refrigerators


Don’t despair storage size can be upgraded as well as downsized on the day of the move. Now is the time to get your Storage Quote


By house sizes (For Guidance Only)

1-bedroom House/Flat                                                   50 – 75 sq ft room

2-bedroom house/flat 75 – 100 sq ft room
2-3-bedroom house 100 – 150 sq ft room
4-bedroom house 150 – 200 sq ft room
Transit Van 30 – 50 sq ft room
Luton Van 75 – 100 sq ft room
7.5 tonne van 150 – 200 sq ft room
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The True Cost Of Self Storage in London

With fierce competition in the housing market and more modern houses are getting smaller with limited or no storage  area in many modern houses, over inflated house prices and higher rents more people than ever are turning to self storage facilities,  Choosing the right facilities is not that easy , but knowing what you need and how to find them will save you a small fortune, the options are there for you. Cheap storage london are mobile storage that collect right from your doorstep.

Mobile storage will save you time and money complete hassle free, No Trolley to push, No Long Dark corridors, they collect from the comfort of your home or office all physical loading is done for you,  what could be much easy  at fraction of  the cost of Tradition self storage providers

More storage customers are waking up to the facts that they could save a fortune by renting with mobile storage provider  at significantly cheaper prices. Smartbox Storage facilities  are truly cost effective option to consider better value for money.

I thought I will share this article with you Jordan Williams, who is handling the sale for Quilliam Property Services in Brentford in London Quoted That First-time buyers in London may be struggling to afford a house but something a little more modest could be in their reach.

This tiny cupboard has just been put on the market for a ridiculous £7,500, proving space really is at a premium in the capital’s crowded housing market.

The 5ft by 12ft walk-in cupboard is being sold as additional storage space for residents living in the Brentford Dock Estate in west London.

“This baggage store is perfect for those who are seeking some additional space,” the Rightmove listing explains.

“The storage cupboard is a good size, perfect for a pushchair or pieces of furniture.”

Jordan Williams, who is handing the sale for Quilliam Property Services in Brentford, expects there to be a lot of interest in the cupboard.

“People use them as airing cupboards, or to store suitcases or bicycles or memorabilia – things like photographs which they don’t want to throw away but which they don’t have room for at home,” he told  The Evening Standard,

“Everybody likes a bit of extra storage.”

There are more sensible option Smartbox Cheap Storage London facilities could be just what you need.


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House Prices Astronomically High, Cheap Storage London might Just Be The Answer

Fading dreams, disillusioned and sky high house prices in London, with more people than ever opting to rent  exorbitant prices charged by landlords for shoe box room is time for most people facing up to the facts simply there is not  enough storage space  at home to put everything with modern houses getting smaller these days make best of what you have, by planning and decluttering Cheap storage London might be the solution

Storage Container Units

Storage Container Units

Designed with you in mind a revolutionary concept that cost fraction of the high rent charged by traditional storage companies as close friend of mine find out recently that she has been wasting  a fortune by signing up with a well known traditional storage company that charge well over £358 Per Week  that is over £1500 per month for 200 sqf in Fulham such prices is a massive rip off regardless , am surprise why anyone would want to rent such units perhaps you better off renting an empty property and just have your goods in there, storage customers needs to wake up there are far much better options if compared to SMARTBOX  facilities, secured, dry Cheap Storage London.


My friend decided to get rid of some items that are not that important and kept the rest with a storage company that is more cost effective for long term storage SMARTBOX Storage fits the bill  Cheap Storage in London  without leaving your home, they collect, they take care of all the hard work lifting, loading a hassle free service without the needs for travelling up and down storage facilities.

If you ever in need of storage be smart especially if is long term and don’t need  access or very little access  avoid introductory offers by traditional self storage to get you tied up, expensive insurance , twice yearly increase on rent, the facts are you always need storage longer than you planned, you will be amazed what you can save with SMARTBOX Cheap Storage London


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self storage? Not just for hoarders

Life as we know it is full of unexpected surprises and often we may find ourselves in a situation  completely outside our control, the importance of self storage facility  in the communities seems to be ignored while so much effort are.geared towards  the perceived negative connotation of self storage by some TV programs  purely for entertainment reason as many of you might have seen  program  such as Storage Hoarders.

self storage

The psychology of self storage:

As humans we not perfect, while I understand some people have the tendency to be compulsive hoarders whereby seemingly useless items are accumulated to an excessive degree and never thrown away potentially causing cramped living conditions, squalor, disease, not to mention health and fire hazards. Hoarders tend to be reclusive, hiding their amassed useless possessions from the rest of the world, too embarrassed to let anyone in for fear they might take it all away

Clutter is a different scenario maybe simply there is not be enough storage space  at home to put everything with modern houses getting smaller these days  How about the  collectors, typically are hobbyists who collect certain things, like art, antique of some kind. These people are proud of what they have, generally keep it well maintained, and frequently use it to form relationships with other collectors of the same item or items.

An associate professor of Psychology at Stanford University, who argues that people are motivated to hold onto their useless possessions by the “endowment effect” – the idea that owning something makes us think it’s worth more than its real market value. Many people hold onto things in self storage because they have a sentimental value that cannot be quantified in pounds and pence, lending some weight to this theory.

I have to disagree in other to agree with some of the argument that has been presented to us. Keeping valuable is part of who we are, part of our history and memories, you wont throw part of yourself away would you?  Self storage provide an invaluable service to most people from someone renovating property, gap in sale of your home could be the difference  between sale or the whole deal falling through. travelling or relocating abroad, Businesses that want to free expensive office space, renting, downsizing your home with the view of purchasing a bigger house in near future, the list goes on.

I read a recent article suggesting self storage warehouses are ugly buildings taking up valuable space in the city, in a modern city like London, convenience one of the major factor itself when considering renting storage unit in major city, would you like your storage facilities located over 30 miles from you home if you need constant access to them?  self storage London  and all major cities provide great service to businesses and individual.

Everyone has a different need and circumstances often dictate the need for self storage at times, there has to be a balance when comparing  the good, the bad  and the ugly, more emphasis should be placed on the importance of self storage and the positive aspect and solutions they provide to so many people

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Guide To Self Storage London, Tips & Advice

Thinking of using self storage London there are some points that you need to pay attention to. You need to know whatever services you can get from your storage provider, how many volumes that can be covered by the vehicle provided by the company, and also whether or not the company provides the insurance for your property. Just visit the official website of the company for further information.

Organizing your self-storage packing:

At this stage in your self-storage process, it’s worthwhile taking some time to plan exactly how to pack your items into the boxes. Unit sizes are determined by price so you can be save money here by assessing what you have to store and planning to pack it in efficiently – a smaller and well-packed will be cheaper than a larger one that is badly organized.

Self storage London Packing TipsThere are steps you  should take care when storing – these are your belongings and there are measures you can take, apart from careful packing, that will help protect them during their time in the facility.

Make your packing much easier and protect your goods while they’re in storage by taking note of these Packing Tips: For more information visit self storage london

TIP 1 Make packing easier by planning ahead. Gather up plenty of sturdy, corrugated cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and marker pens, along with any furniture covers.
TIP 2 Boxes that are tightly sealed with packing tape will prevent dust from entering.
TIP 3 Wrap furniture legs with protective bubble wrap, furniture covers or pads to prevent scratching. Leave slipcovers on upholstered chairs and cover them with plastic chair covers. Tape or tie bed rails together. Mark the pieces for easier assembly later. Place covers or plastic bags on mattresses to keep them clean during storage.
Tip 4 Label boxes on all sides for easy identification.  Keep a list (as well as pictures and descriptions) at your home or office for reference. Mark clearly all boxes containing fragile items. Make sure fragile boxes are placed on top of heavier, less delicate boxes.
TIP 5 Use valuable space inside dresser drawers and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, to store small items such as towels, linens and small, fragile items. Secure items in drawer by filling empty spaces with towels or packing paper.
TIP 6 Pack as much as you can in the same size boxes.
Fill boxes tightly, but take care to neither overpack nor underpack. (Bulging cartons tip when stacked, while half full boxes tend to collapse). Use wadded up newsprint, bubblewrap, rags, towels, or blankets to fill in empty spaces. For maximum protection seal cartons with tape.
TIP 7 Pack heavy items such as books and tools in small boxes. For easier handling limit the weight of all cartons, regardless of size, to 30kg. or less.
TIP 8 Clean and dry appliances before storing. Secure all movable parts with paper, or wedge and wrap a paper pad around each item for protection. During transport tape all doors shut, but remember to wedge them open for storage.
TIP 9 Pack books flat to protect their spines. Line cartons with plastic and fill empty spaces with packing paper.
TIP 10 Use lots of paper to pack dishes and glassware. Place a layer of packing paper inside the bottom and top of cartons. Wrap each dish and glass separately and cushion them with crumpled paper. Plates are best stacked on edge.
TIP 11 Hang clothes and draperies in wardrobe boxes.
TIP 12 Pack lamps and lampshades in individual boxes. Use plenty of clean paper or clothing for padding.
TIP 13 Pad mirrors and paintings with paper. Place them in special mirror packs or large boxes; mark boxes

You can request No Obligation Quote

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Storage London, the perfect door-to-door solution.

 Storage London is the smart choice for Londoners with more people in the city than ever before who want to move to new houses, do lots of travelling activity or maybe when they renovate their home or you might be an online business or a small business that needs to free up valuable office space by renting storage space Storage London will help you with their smart storage option called as smartbox, container storage that is the most cost effective and efficient storage option in the market place today,designed with customers in mind, you do not even have to leave your home or business, no trolley to push, no long dark corridors, they simply collect ,store and deliver at your convenience, can you thing of any other option that is more versatile?

Certainly Smartbox  container storage make sense when moving and storing at once, container are portable units and range in different sizes according to what you need. Containers are stored in their modern warehouse in London complete with  round the clock state of the art monitoring system and warehouse are fully alarmed too. Smartbox Container Storage Solutuion

Actually, this is the modern storage which will make sure that you will save up more money and it is really practical if you compare it with the traditional self storage you find all over London.  Smartbox storage London is a mobile storage that in fact eliminate the problem we all face with traditional storage option.

When you look for the service from the  storage London then you will actually see many benefits from the usage of the service. You will not need to rent the van, hire removal and you will find out that it is very easy for you when you want to move to the new house, they will also give you the special price, offers and discount ranges from free collection service and great prepayment discount for long term storage, so this is the very smart choice for the movers. This facilities is the cheap storage London which Londoners should need to realize; soon you will realize that this is the perfect storage London  service which will meet all your needs.

This company will make sure that you will get the most flexible service with a high security for all types of your stuff, so just make sure you check out all about the  storage London.

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Self Storage in London. An extension To Your Home.

With many people who turn to self-storage in London as a solution,  I
ask myself an important question can you really have enough space? especially if you are  in major city like London, I recently entered a transitional period in my life. I was down sizing my home after five years  due to sale. While I had accumulated plenty of memories and life experience, I had also accumulated plenty of stuff that are fairly new and yet to be fully enjoyed. There was  storage room at home for the memories, and not so used items including all the excess clothing, cot and buggy for my toddler,paintings and many more but there was no way one more item would fit into the room.

The new property we moving into is a leafy, smart area modern apartment on ground floor with garden, large living room and an open plan fully integrated kitchen although am not a big fan of open plan kitchen, not only that the size of the property is not sufficient for amount of goods we have acquired over long period am now face with added problem of sorting out what stays and what goes into storage, including all my fairly new white goods from american size fridge to washing machine, dryer in fact all my white goods will have to be either sold or stored.

The idea of storage is appealing since  we would be moving into a large family home soon, I thought why not put them all in storage and treat that as extension of our home the idea seems great, but were do I start looking for self storage in London with so  many online from multinational storage  companies to small provider finding the right storage company that is secure, clean and fits into my budget and equally that can cater for my specific needs wont be a walk in the park.

With a hectic busy schedule I know exactly what am looking for I started my search by calling few multinational self storage in London the price quoted varies from location to location and some are shockingly expensive without the added cost of insurance , padlock and so on. I also find out many are  offering introductory offers, some confusing in many cases and designed to get you to sign up, but what happens after the introductory offer? How about transportation to storage facilities many are offering free van hire ranging from few hours to a day, some with free collection that is not so free should you go beyond the prescribe free allocated hours  charges per hour could be exorbitant leaving  you out of pocket .

None of the offer quite match what am looking for, suddenly it came to my mind as the name implies self-storage in London is DIY, is your responsibility to arrange pack, boxed up all your goods with hectic schedule and a toddler to look after I could not see how this option is for me. I started to look for different option,  I thought wouldn’t it be nice to find a storage company that will supply boxes, pack my belonging and take them to storage  and deliver them back to me when I needed them, my prayers were answered when I found Smartbox  Storage in London they offer mobile storage option   in their secure, and fully alarmed storage facilities in London, they arrange the storage, boxes supplied, packed and label.

I couldn’t  be more happier, I do not even have to leave my home or do any lifting, everything was done efficiently with free collection service and generous prepayment discount and boxes all free for long term customers on top of a very competitive low pricing. I struggled hard to find the justification why traditional self storage in London are charging such an expensive rate almost 37% -55% more than likes of  Smartbox storage in London, perhaps is the seven days access offered by multinational storage companies, but if you don’t need access frequently or not at all, why pay more?

In my opinion of self storage in London, Smartbox storage provide the best value, low rate,  packing service, collection and delivery a tailored service to suit your specific needs.

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