self storage? Not just for hoarders

Life as we know it is full of unexpected surprises and often we may find ourselves in a situation  completely outside our control, the importance of self storage facility  in the communities seems to be ignored while so much effort are.geared towards  the perceived negative connotation of self storage by some TV programs  purely for entertainment reason as many of you might have seen  program  such as Storage Hoarders.

self storage

The psychology of self storage:

As humans we not perfect, while I understand some people have the tendency to be compulsive hoarders whereby seemingly useless items are accumulated to an excessive degree and never thrown away potentially causing cramped living conditions, squalor, disease, not to mention health and fire hazards. Hoarders tend to be reclusive, hiding their amassed useless possessions from the rest of the world, too embarrassed to let anyone in for fear they might take it all away

Clutter is a different scenario maybe simply there is not be enough storage space  at home to put everything with modern houses getting smaller these days  How about the  collectors, typically are hobbyists who collect certain things, like art, antique of some kind. These people are proud of what they have, generally keep it well maintained, and frequently use it to form relationships with other collectors of the same item or items.

An associate professor of Psychology at Stanford University, who argues that people are motivated to hold onto their useless possessions by the “endowment effect” – the idea that owning something makes us think it’s worth more than its real market value. Many people hold onto things in self storage because they have a sentimental value that cannot be quantified in pounds and pence, lending some weight to this theory.

I have to disagree in other to agree with some of the argument that has been presented to us. Keeping valuable is part of who we are, part of our history and memories, you wont throw part of yourself away would you?  Self storage provide an invaluable service to most people from someone renovating property, gap in sale of your home could be the difference  between sale or the whole deal falling through. travelling or relocating abroad, Businesses that want to free expensive office space, renting, downsizing your home with the view of purchasing a bigger house in near future, the list goes on.

I read a recent article suggesting self storage warehouses are ugly buildings taking up valuable space in the city, in a modern city like London, convenience one of the major factor itself when considering renting storage unit in major city, would you like your storage facilities located over 30 miles from you home if you need constant access to them?  self storage London  and all major cities provide great service to businesses and individual.

Everyone has a different need and circumstances often dictate the need for self storage at times, there has to be a balance when comparing  the good, the bad  and the ugly, more emphasis should be placed on the importance of self storage and the positive aspect and solutions they provide to so many people

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2 Responses to self storage? Not just for hoarders

  1. AbassyAgoms says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I really believe this web page requirements a lot more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to read a lot more, thanks for that information.


  2. Adan says:

    Everyone need a self storage in his/her life. Consider a self storage units the provide all facilities regarding your possessions.


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