House Prices Astronomically High, Cheap Storage London might Just Be The Answer

Fading dreams, disillusioned and sky high house prices in London, with more people than ever opting to rent  exorbitant prices charged by landlords for shoe box room is time for most people facing up to the facts simply there is not  enough storage space  at home to put everything with modern houses getting smaller these days make best of what you have, by planning and decluttering Cheap storage London might be the solution

Storage Container Units

Storage Container Units

Designed with you in mind a revolutionary concept that cost fraction of the high rent charged by traditional storage companies as close friend of mine find out recently that she has been wasting  a fortune by signing up with a well known traditional storage company that charge well over £358 Per Week  that is over £1500 per month for 200 sqf in Fulham such prices is a massive rip off regardless , am surprise why anyone would want to rent such units perhaps you better off renting an empty property and just have your goods in there, storage customers needs to wake up there are far much better options if compared to SMARTBOX  facilities, secured, dry Cheap Storage London.


My friend decided to get rid of some items that are not that important and kept the rest with a storage company that is more cost effective for long term storage SMARTBOX Storage fits the bill  Cheap Storage in London  without leaving your home, they collect, they take care of all the hard work lifting, loading a hassle free service without the needs for travelling up and down storage facilities.

If you ever in need of storage be smart especially if is long term and don’t need  access or very little access  avoid introductory offers by traditional self storage to get you tied up, expensive insurance , twice yearly increase on rent, the facts are you always need storage longer than you planned, you will be amazed what you can save with SMARTBOX Cheap Storage London


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