The True Cost Of Self Storage in London

With fierce competition in the housing market and more modern houses are getting smaller with limited or no storage  area in many modern houses, over inflated house prices and higher rents more people than ever are turning to self storage facilities,  Choosing the right facilities is not that easy , but knowing what you need and how to find them will save you a small fortune, the options are there for you. Cheap storage london are mobile storage that collect right from your doorstep.

Mobile storage will save you time and money complete hassle free, No Trolley to push, No Long Dark corridors, they collect from the comfort of your home or office all physical loading is done for you,  what could be much easy  at fraction of  the cost of Tradition self storage providers

More storage customers are waking up to the facts that they could save a fortune by renting with mobile storage provider  at significantly cheaper prices. Smartbox Storage facilities  are truly cost effective option to consider better value for money.

I thought I will share this article with you Jordan Williams, who is handling the sale for Quilliam Property Services in Brentford in London Quoted That First-time buyers in London may be struggling to afford a house but something a little more modest could be in their reach.

This tiny cupboard has just been put on the market for a ridiculous £7,500, proving space really is at a premium in the capital’s crowded housing market.

The 5ft by 12ft walk-in cupboard is being sold as additional storage space for residents living in the Brentford Dock Estate in west London.

“This baggage store is perfect for those who are seeking some additional space,” the Rightmove listing explains.

“The storage cupboard is a good size, perfect for a pushchair or pieces of furniture.”

Jordan Williams, who is handing the sale for Quilliam Property Services in Brentford, expects there to be a lot of interest in the cupboard.

“People use them as airing cupboards, or to store suitcases or bicycles or memorabilia – things like photographs which they don’t want to throw away but which they don’t have room for at home,” he told  The Evening Standard,

“Everybody likes a bit of extra storage.”

There are more sensible option Smartbox Cheap Storage London facilities could be just what you need.


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