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Life is full of surprises like a wind blowing in different direction, there are different circumstances in life and the importance of storage facilities across town cannot be over emphasized. Some people has tendency to become hoarders, clutter on the … Continue reading

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What size do I need? Your guide to storage sizes

Before deciding the size of storage you need to sort out through your items first, any unwanted goods could have disposed or given to charity next step is finding the right storage size you can do this by carefully follow … Continue reading

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The True Cost Of Self Storage in London

With fierce competition in the housing market and more modern houses are getting smaller with limited or no storage  area in many modern houses, over inflated house prices and higher rents more people than ever are turning to self storage … Continue reading

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House Prices Astronomically High, Cheap Storage London might Just Be The Answer

Fading dreams, disillusioned and sky high house prices in London, with more people than ever opting to rent  exorbitant prices charged by landlords for shoe box room is time for most people facing up to the facts simply there is … Continue reading

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self storage? Not just for hoarders

Life as we know it is full of unexpected surprises and often we may find ourselves in a situation  completely outside our control, the importance of self storage facility  in the communities seems to be ignored while so much effort … Continue reading

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Guide To Self Storage London, Tips & Advice

Thinking of using self storage London there are some points that you need to pay attention to. You need to know whatever services you can get from your storage provider, how many volumes that can be covered by the vehicle … Continue reading

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Storage London, the perfect door-to-door solution.

 Storage London is the smart choice for Londoners with more people in the city than ever before who want to move to new houses, do lots of travelling activity or maybe when they renovate their home or you might be an … Continue reading

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Self Storage in London. An extension To Your Home.

With many people who turn to self-storage in London as a solution,  I ask myself an important question can you really have enough space? especially if you are  in major city like London, I recently entered a transitional period in my life. I … Continue reading

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